Let’s Talk About It Ep4


Shooting in CA


  • Locations, any ideas?
  • What do you do on a cruise?

Trump News


  • Tender stories
  • Relationship Goals












DJ /DJ Kid Nyce
Dom/ DJ No iDea

Let’s Talk About It Ep3

In this episode we talk about Christian becoming a man.


Valentines Day

  • What we did for valentines day

Grammys 2017

  • Cee Lo Green
  • Beyonce vs Adale

Kids these days

  • Defining love


  • Power Rangers


  • Take Care by: Drake
  • Lemonade by: Beyonce
  • For Your Eye’s Only by: J Cole

DJ /DJ Kid Nyce
Dom/ DJ No iDea
Larry / The Wizer (The Man)
Christian / CC

2nd Generation iPod


Today I found one of my old iPods. I forgot i had so much music on this iPod. I started to listen to some of the music I had on it. It’s like a time capsule. I don’t ever think I will sell it.
Music needs to go back to the way it was. Real R&B.
You heard the hurt the singers had in the songs. You can listen to a old Usher song and hear is emotions. (In confessions)
Dru Hill was another big one for me. Sleeping In My Bed.
You hear how much pain they was in.
Keyshia Cole – Love. You can tell she was really in love with who ever.

You don’t find this is music anymore. I hate it!

I also found a good bit of old music (beats) I’ve created in the past. Trying to remember the mind set I had at the time and trying to compare it to whats going on today. And I have to say I’ve came a long way. It’s only going to continue.

The Phase “My Bad”

When did it become suitable to say the phase “My Bad” in the workplace?
The other day I had to call up the mortgage company to make some changes to my account.

As I was talking to the customer service rep. She said the phase “My Bad”. I immediately asked for a supervisor. I feel when you’re dealing with other peoples funds. “My Bad” should never be used. Instead she could have used other words and phases like I’m sorry, we had a over sight, or let me look in to correcting that problem for you etc….

Did I over react?

Serato 1.8

I don’t know if any of my DJ buddies know this but, If you do not have a ‘i’ series Mac. You may not be able to run any Serato over, Serato DJ 1.6.3 without issues.
I’m not saying you will have issues but, they are no longer supporting the older Mac running due core processors
Once you start downloading
Serato DJ 1.6.3 and up. There is no support for your processors.
Right now the most current version of Serato DJ is 1.8.
With that being said.

They are forcing you to buy newer Macs.
It’s still unclear why Serato DJ uses so much resources.
When Scratch Live was introduced we didn’t have as many problems.
Scratch Live is still a solid software and many DJ’s will not switch over to Serato DJ. Which makes sense.
What are some of your thoughts on this?