I’m from South Side Jamaica Queens, New York. I’ve been DJing since the age of 6.
I’ve learned from my father ( Mr.Nyce ), who has been a DJ for years. I also learned a lot from Vinyl Assassinz and now I am the owner and manger of the Vinyl Assassinz.
I have do many things such as promotions, production, recording, DJing, and much more.

I’ve worked with many artists and many types of music.
I’ve worked with many people and many company’s. Such as catering services, gymnastics teams, clubs owners and much more.
I’ve been on radio stations. Both internet and over-the-air radio stations.
My goal is to make sure people are having a great time with my music selection. (This is a must)
I’ve worked and/or have done club’s, parties, weddings, raves, and much more…

For more information and booking
Email Me at
Or call
(707) 356-9231.

I also do many other things such as code websites.
I’m knowledgeable and understand PHP development as well as HTML.
I’ve created the WordPress plug-in called Global Gateway e4 | Payeezy Gateway |.

For any questions, issues, or concerns regarding this plug-in you can email at Support@djkidnyce.com or open a ticket on WordPress.