Payment Form Examples

These are some payment form examples and possibilities to setup for accepting payments.

Recurring with Donations

First Name:
Last Name:
Billing Address
Billing Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Recurring Billing
Recurring ?
End Date
Recurring Amount:
Apply my gift to:
Today’s Amount:

In this example. Your customer and/or donator can enter an amount for both recurring and today’s amount.

There are a few use cases for this.

Pay in Full with Recurring Options

First Name:
Last Name:
Sessions: Individual LIVE One-on-One 60-minute Session

Bundle of 5 LIVE One-on-One 60-minute Session

Power of Self Love One-on-One

Power of Self Love Group Class

Radical Transformation

Healing Your Inner Child LIVE One-on-One

Healing Your Inner Child LIVE Group Class

Radical Weight Loss LIVE One-on-One

Radical Weight Loss LIVE Group Class

In this example, your customer has the option to pay in full or setup a payment plan.
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