The Phase “My Bad”

When did it become suitable to say the phase “My Bad” in the workplace?
The other day I had to call up the mortgage company to make some changes to my account.

As I was talking to the customer service rep. She said the phase “My Bad”. I immediately asked for a supervisor. I feel when you’re dealing with other peoples funds. “My Bad” should never be used. Instead she could have used other words and phases like I’m sorry, we had a over sight, or let me look in to correcting that problem for you etc….

Did I over react?

2 Responses to The Phase “My Bad”

  • No you was over acting. You are right. When it’s your money on the line.or investment, etc. You don’t wanna hear “my bad” that would make you second guess who your dealing with. So over reacting (no).concerned (yes)

  • Sorry, meant no you was not over reacting

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