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Sheetz Store 622

Good morning to my followers,

Below is my recent experience at Sheetz. Please let me know if I’m wrong in this situation.

On April 12th, 2019 at about 6:22am – 6:35am I purchased fuel like anyone else from this location.

Most times I also purchase food from your made to order (MTO) kiosk. Today I had placed two orders and wanted the order split into two different bags. I asked the customer service that prepared my food for another bag.

To get out of the way and not hold up other orders. I moved over to the closest counter which was candy bar where people would add toppings to their ice cream. As I was separating my orders. A worker yelled out “Sir you’re stealing candy and I’m going to call the police”. I looked around to see who this worker was talking to. When look turned around to see who he was talking to. He repeated his self. “I’m going to call the police because you’re shoplifting candy, that must be paid for”.

I informed the worker I wasn’t stealing anything. He said ” Yes you are. I saw and heard you put candy from the self-serve and put it in your bag. Before I could say anything. He ran to get his phone to call the police. As he was calling the police. I informed him again. I wasn’t shoplifting anything. I then showed him what was in the bags. Which wasn’t any candy self-serve station but, was indeed the food I just ordered. I then asked for his name and requested to speak to a manager. He stated he was the manager walked away without apologizing and making a scene.

At this point I asked other staff members for the name of the manager. They stated his name was Patrick. I also asked for a business card or some type of card to voice my concerns and feedback regarding my recent experience.

No one had any of this information readily available. One of the workers wrote on a piece of paper a 800 number (800 457-5444).

I feel this isn’t the way customers should be treated. I am a frequent customer and I feel your management team needs to be retrained. This is unacceptable customer service.