2nd Generation iPod


Today I found one of my old iPods. I forgot i had so much music on this iPod. I started to listen to some of the music I had on it. It’s like a time capsule. I don’t ever think I will sell it.
Music needs to go back to the way it was. Real R&B.
You heard the hurt the singers had in the songs. You can listen to a old Usher song and hear is emotions. (In confessions)
Dru Hill was another big one for me. Sleeping In My Bed.
You hear how much pain they was in.
Keyshia Cole – Love. You can tell she was really in love with who ever.

You don’t find this is music anymore. I hate it!

I also found a good bit of old music (beats) I’ve created in the past. Trying to remember the mind set I had at the time and trying to compare it to whats going on today. And I have to say I’ve came a long way. It’s only going to continue.

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